Community is a way of life among the homes in our caring neighborhood setting. Our program without walls is designed to use every aspect of this environment as a natural training resource. Utilizing the senses – sounds, sights, smells, and tastes -our program will excite learning and pleasure in severely disabled Consumers.

Communication classes, music, recreation, and volunteer projects will enable Consumers to gain various skills that will assist them in achieving their personal goals, obtaining jobs, and enjoying life’s many treasures. Daily activities are our keys to stimulate Consumers physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially. KES DAY, Inc.’s warm and caring atmosphere affords caregivers relief by providing a safe and enjoyable haven for their loved ones. This eliminates the dependency on costly institutionalized care and increases the quality of life for all participants.


The dedicated members of our organization extend their warmest WELCOME to those who enter our care. Our services focus on the individual’s whole life, build upon relationships, and respond to changing life circumstances. We perform individual personal needs assessments to maximize participants’ strengths and provide gentle support for their limitations. Results from these assessments enable us to create individualized nurturing activities that promote our Consumers’ goals and personal interests. A Registered Nurse and a Licensed Professional Social Worker evaluate any additional mental and/ or physical needs of our Consumers. Medical treatments, when necessary, are addressed by our Staff Physician.

We continually evaluate and improve our program to ensure that the highest quality of service is being provided. Education and support are available for families through counseling and caregiver support groups. Download our brochure:  KES DAY INC Brochure


  • Skilled care and supervision
  • Group and individual activities
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Meals and Snacks
  •  Summer Camp
  • Health monitoring and Education
  • Counseling and Physician coordination
  •  Information and referral


  • Age 22 and older
  • Physically or Mentally Disabled
  • Limited in ability to function in the Community.


KES DAY, Inc. is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3pn. Extended hours (two hours before and after program hours) are available when needed.


Our Consumers’ needs, services required, and ability to pay is unique to each individual. So that KES DAY may reach anyone needing our services, our fees are on a sliding scale.

We will work in partnership with Local, Regional, and State Mental Health Boards to ensure each person is allowed support from KES DAY, Inc. We will also accept private and community organizations’ donations for clients needing financial assistance.

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